Plaza = Economic Development

Medford, OR - The Commons

Medford, OR- The Commons

Population: 80,000
ROI $15 – $1
Project Cost: $10 Million
Resulting Investment: $145 Million

The Commons is a public/private partnership development in the downtown Medford urban renewal area that includes corporate headquarters facilities, residential, retail and commercial, park blocks, and additional downtown parking.

Racine, WI - Downtown Strategy

Racine, WI – Downtown Strategy

Population: 80,000
ROI $66 – $1
Project Cost: $3 Million
Resulting Investment: $200 Million

Lincoln, NE - Civic Plaza & Catalyst Project

Lincoln, NE – Civic Plaza & Catalyst Project

Population: 260,000
ROI $5 – $1
Project Cost: $10.5 Million
Resulting Investment: $54 Million

The goals of this project was to strengthen downtown Lincoln by developing a new public plaza and supporting streetscape enhancements with the construction of a mixed-use public parking facility with retail on the ground floor and residential units above the garage. This project removed blighted and substandard conditions by developing underutilized lots and contributed to the continued revitalization of Downtown Lincoln by encouraging additional private reinvestment in this area.

Portland, OR - Pioneer Courthouse Square

Portland, OR – Pioneer Courthouse Square

Population: 600,000
ROI $55 – $1
Project Cost: $17 Million
Resulting Investment: $930 Million

Since the Park’s grand opening in 1984 the downtown urban landscape surrounding the Park has evolved significantly, as have the needs of the community that the Park serves. As a result, Pioneer Courthouse Square, in partnership with the City of Portland, has identified Vision Goals for the Square. These multi-year goals identify the need for an increase in quality programming, facility replacement needs, and essential on-going maintenance.

Missoula, MT - Caras Park

Missoula, MT – Caras Park

Population: 69,000

The Caras Park Pavilion, located in the heart of Downtown Missoula on the Clark Fork River, is available for public and private events. The Pavilion can accommodate events ranging from a dinner party for 150 to a large concert for 3,500. It’s a perfect location for festivals and fundraisers, weddings and reunions. The park drew nearly 1,000,000 people to downtown Missoula in 2013. Events every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all summer.

Rapid City, ND - Main Street Square

Main Street Square

Population: 70,000

Located in the heart of Downtown Rapid City, Main Street Square is a fun-filled public space that features special events, arts and culture, live concerts, seasonal ice skating and interactive fountains. Surrounded by the City of Presidents, boutiques, eateries and galleries, Main Street Square is a destination the whole family can enjoy. The square drew 700,000 visitors to Downtown Rapid City in 2013. Movies, concerts, ice skating rink are the biggest draws. Main Street Square provides an iconic landmark for Downtown, a center plaza with waterfall and dancing water fountain, continually changing visual landscape through public art sculptures, and a Downtown gathering area for our local community and its visitors.

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