The plaza project will not take away all existing lot spaces.  54 spots will remain on the plaza for senior and disabled parking.  No net loss of parking spots within one block of the plaza, and an overall increase of parking spaces within a two block radius.  Below are a series of increased parking phases – over 500 parking spaces have been added since fall of 2014.

Adjustment Phases

(September 2014) – 750 spaces

Phase I (November 2014) – 851 spaces

Phase II (April 2015) – 991 spaces

Phase III (June 2015) –  1,287 spaces

Parking for Phase III has been completed, minus the construction and parking changes at the plaza


  • Bike patrol
  • Private security
  • Lighting upgrades – adjacent public parking lots
  • Shuttle service for Capitol Theatre main events

For Yakima Plaza

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